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Inspiration from North

We've just come back from our week-long family trip to Russian North. We hiked almost every day and enjoyed the amazing views of the nature on the shores of the White Sea and in the Hibiny-mountains (Hibinskie Tundry) on Kola Peninsula. We learnt the names of the plants and the local words, and the traditional handicrafts from our friends. Northern nature is fragile and inspiring.

When I came home I draw this girl on the back of Pomor kozulja-bread riding through the northern mosses and lichens.

Below are some more pictures which might explain how this one was born.

Our son Martin taking a rest on somewhere on the Aikuaivenchorr-mountain.

Pomor Kozulja. Traditional bread of the White Sea settlers, pomors.

Geographers Pass in Khibiny Mountains. Very quick sketch made with a piece of coal from somebody's old fireplace.

Little brave horsemen. We baked them in the night.

Some sketches.

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