Hi! I am Julia Novitskaya aka Juno. I simply like to draw. In Finnish Korpikissa means a cat from a dense forest.  Forest is what inspires me the most.


It's quite difficult to keep inside all the images, characters and ideas, which come to my mind. So I let them go out.


I'm also happy to help other people make their books, projects and ideas visible and alive. 

Some of my works you can see on the pages of this web-site. 

I was born in amazing Karelia, in the Northwest of Russia, and now live in Munich, Germany, with my husband, three sons and a cat. 


My favorite techniques are watercolor, colored pencils, ink, liners, digital drawing and mixed media. 

I look forward to collaboration in the field of children's and youth illustrations, gift books and sets, magazine illustrations, artwork and other exciting projects!